The best websites make it easy for customers to quickly find what they want. Less clicks is the goal. Make it obvious what you have with clear text and presentation.

It’s easy to overwhelm web pages with too much content or with too many choices. And it’s always easy to think about what how you want the website to work …. but are you the target audience for your own services and products? That isn’t usually the case.

A co-worker turned friend who I first worked with 10 years ago, still reminds me today that I was often telling her then to consider what the customer wanted. This was because she wasn’t personally in our target market and thus we didn’t want personal opinion. (Yes, I always was a customer zealot.) It can be hard to get personal opinion out and get the customer’s voice in. But you have to do it – without it your business won’t grow!

Think about your customer…

1. Start by asking: What is your customer trying to accomplish when they visit your website? Another way to think about this is to ask yourself: What problem are they trying to solve? Get customer service information? Pricing? Renew a subscription? Get product return information? Get your phone number? Get more specifics on your services?

2. Knowing what your customer wants to accomplish will help you figure out how to create clear paths right to those key pieces of information or right to the actions they want to take.

Now that you know what they want to do, think about how well your website suits their needs:

-> What is the fastest route to getting to this key information? How many clicks does it take?

-> Is your most important (from customer perspective) content or information featured prominently on your homepage so they can start their use/search of your website quickly and easily? Is it in your navigation so they can easily continue their use of your website and return to key information when desired?

-> Is this key information clearly labeled and prominently visible?

-> Once they get past your homepage do you guide them step by step to more information they are likely to seek with suggested next steps on each page?

Not sure if your site if your website is the best it can be? Ask customers, they love to give unvarnished feedback. If a company email or called me that I did business with and asked for my honest view of what they could do better on their website I would jump at the chance. I’d do it for free – because I would want it to be better for myself (as a customer) and for other customers they serve.

(Go ahead companies who I’m a customer of – just ask me – I’m serious.)

More ideas on building a website that support your business goals and objectives to come in future blogs, share any questions or comments here.