You likely know that customer journey mapping is one of the hottest trends in customer experience (CX) today. But why? It’s a great tool to view and manage the customer experience, and the process to get to a customer-validated map is so valuable.

While there are many advantages to developing a map, let me point out two.

One, the end result is a journey map image that shows all the steps a customer must take to accomplish their goal. That map itself is valuable because it is created from the customer point of view (only). It requires your employees to consider how hard it is to do business with your company. This process can be incredibly eye-opening. So gather up customer quotes and stories, customer metrics and even the materials sent out to customers at any stage in their experience to bring it all to life. Have you ever tried to read your own bills? What about your own contracts? Or help content? Is it really in plain English?

Two, you also get huge benefits from the internal process in building the map. The perspectives gained from working across departments in your organization (required to build a good map) and the effort to collaborate and consider the customer experience you deliver is awesome. You will hear departments sharing insights and ideas, plus asking questions in ways that almost never happen outside of this effort.

This kind of dialog and collaboration is a foundational piece in the overall effort to become more customer-centric as an organization.

As a quick side note, a Forrester study showed huge financial gains for organization that are customer-centric versus those who are not. Specifically it showed a 43% gain in performance over a 6-year period for companies that are customer centric. While laggards had a 33.9% decline (source).

Of course there is a lot more to customer journey mapping, but I wanted to share two of the most important points in the benefits of undertaking this effort.

Enjoy the effort and process. And if you have a question, send me a message, I would love to be of help.