Were you wondering how Starbucks was going to survive their competition’s barrage of ads and low prices? One thing Starbucks is doing is spending more money on advertising – they want to tell the story of what makes them special.

They know their competitors make comparisons to them, so now Starbucks wants to tell their story. They need to communicate their unique position and value (1) to employees and, (2) to customers.

You can see 2 of the new Starbucks ads here, plus I’ve included a video made for the Starbucks partners (read: employees).

The video includes comments from the CEO and employees talking about how the new ads tell why Starbucks is unique. What I like about the video is that they ask employees to talk about the campaign with customers. And they know this video will be seen by customers too.

This is smart because employees are a huge part of the Starbucks experience and an important part of customer communication. It’s not just about directing ads to customers anymore. It’s about showing ads to employees, posting ads on the web (like in this blog), posting company videos online so that employees and customers know it all. Smart.

Starbucks, it’s about time. I read so many discussions about the challenges they face: tough advertising competition and price competition. While we all know Starbucks isn’t the low price leader, they do offer something unique, especially when compared to McDonald’s – in experience and in products.

I think the ads will resonate with customers and I look forward to hearing how employees talk about the ads with customers in-store and online.

What you can take away from this? Follow their example:
1. Tell employees about your marketing efforts and messages. This enables employees to talk intelligently with customers about marketing campaigns.
2. Post your advertising campaigns online and explain the messaging – using videos, images of the ads, etc.