Improve Customer Retention

Part Two: Regular Communication & Listening Saves Marketing Spend

Use our Two-Part Strategy for Customer Retention & Success (see Part One).

Save marketing dollars by improving your retention rate.

You won’t need to acquire as many new customers when you keep more existing customers!

  • Are you regular listening to customers throughout their relationship with you? How does what you learn, drive your business decisions?
  • Be sure to tell customers you are listening and what action you are taking. They want to know you care.
  • Use the right communication strategy to add value to your customer relationships.
  • What more could you do to help them with their challenges?
  • Consider how your customers define value? Are you delivering on that?

Grow Word of Mouth

How can you make customers lives easier? How do nurture opportunities for word of mouth? It can be done, without paying customers. Our services include:

  • Develop plans to proactively garner word of mouth and grow viral marketing.
  • Find your best customers and provide the support they need to spread the word.


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WOW your Customers

You make a customer impression at every interaction point. Be sure you intentionally design your experience.