Added Benefits of Customer Collaboration (Customer Co-Design)

1. Save Time & Money

You save time by talking to customers during new product development, or when redesigning products or services. Don’t guess about want customers want, talk to them!

You also save time by focusing on top customer pain points and priorities. Too many companies invest in the wrong places or do not get customers involved early enough in the process.

Customers embrace these new approaches quickly because they’re on target.

2. Boost Customer Loyalty

In Mapping sessions, Customer Scenarios are driven by customers’ wants and needs. You focus on what your customers need to achieve. Your company contributes to your customers’ success. This ensures their loyalty.

Customers who participate in your co-design sessions become your de facto Customer Advisors.

3. Gain Immediate Profits

Customer Scenario Mapping is a cost-cutting tool as well as an organic revenue growth tool.

When you invest in what matters most to customers, you avoid investing in things that don’t matter, at same time spending in areas that will grow the business.

You will also get clear metrics tied to what matters most to customers.

The resulting Customer Experience Scorecards prioritize customer-critical issues and provide a business case hypothesis for each.