Have you seen the new TV ad for Pedigree dog food? The message is about adopting a shelter dog – not just about buying dog food. I love this ad because customers like knowing what a company cares about.

Want to win over customers? Tell them what you care about – especially when it’s something you have in common with your customers. Highlighting a commonality is good in any relationship. Plus, many consumers – particularly the Gen Y crowd – factor a business’s values into their purchasing decisions.

Adopting a shelter animal is very dear to my heart (having adopted multiple wonderful shelter cats). And, though I’m a cat person, I couldn’t resist watching this ad about dogs. I was impressed by the company for making this ad (not a pure sales pitch) and for sharing this message that is important to me, too. Now all I want to do is tell dog lovers to buy this food! Will you buy it?

What cause does your business care about? A local community issue? Global issue? You can never go wrong with causes related to kids and animals. Ask your best customers what causes they most care about. Don’t forget to talk about how your business is involved in the issue. For example, Pedigree dog food says that with every purchase, they donate to local shelters.

Where do you talk about these issues your business cares about? Post it on your website, talk about it on Twitter with a link to a non-profit website or some other place customers can learn more about the cause and how to contribute. Pedigree has ads on their site about the adoption drive, a page on their site to search for dogs in your area – super idea!

Watch more of their TV ads:

Mary Grace gets adopted

Oliver gets adopted