Last week I went to Bertucci’s (pizza and Italian chain restaurant) for dinner with friends.

As we were walking out I noticed the receipt mentioned a web feedback survey. I was happy to see this because I wanted to tell them of the problems that occurred during my meal. I wanted them to be aware of the issues.

Truly the product wasn’t great and neither was the service – so why go back? I used to love their pizza and calzones but most of those are gone from the menu and the remaining options aren’t my favorites.

Those of you who have been to Bertucci’s know you get amazing hot rolls when you sit down. But at my recent visit those rolls were cold – for the first time. I was disappointed because I’d recently seen their TV ads touting the hot rolls and was looking forward to having one.

My husband I agreed to try the “Tucci” pizza (which is hard since he loves meat and I’m a vegetarian) and it was a big disappointment. There were very few toppings and there was little flavor – it was a boring pizza (and it was $20). And then the waitress ignored us most of the time. Unfortunately our friends didn’t love their food either. A disappointing visit overall.

I log onto the survey and they don’t allow me any place to make a comment. The survey was all multiple choice questions.

What is wrong with that?

When you structure a survey too much you can miss critical information. Like they asked if we got rolls – so they think they did their job if I got rolls. But the rolls I got weren’t good. And I wasn’t able to say anything about my boring pizza either. And I didn’t have much opportunity to give feedback on the wait staff either.

To Bertucci’s multiple choice or ratings are easy to calculate and can provide a score even. But a pure score often isn’t enough.

By the time I got to the end of survey I was really disappointed that I couldn’t tell them the areas that needed improving.

Your customers have the same desire – to provide feedback to help you continue to evolve your business and improve your offerings. Let them. How? If you are doing surveys ALWAYS offer a comment box at least at the end of the survey to capture the miscellaneous points people like to make. Sure it isn’t as easy tabulate and it takes longer to read all of them – there are times that very important messages are shared.