Consulting Kudos

Kim is a master of digital experience design. Her influence over our platform has been significant and laid the foundation for our long-term product roadmap. Kim’s experience helps bridge the gap between what is possible and what will actually work. A rare skill that will both impress your customers, and save you from investing in shiny objects that no one actually wants. I heartily recommend Kim – she is a voice of creativity and reason in a world filled with overpromising and underdelivering.

J. Wheeler

CX Workout

Brilliant at her online craft

In partnership with my web designer, Kim has brought the brains, ingenuity, and clarity to the process. I think that Kim is one of the best all around professionals I have ever met. Kim is able to truly understand how to promote customer engagement through the web. She pushed me to clarify my messaging and also she thought through how to lead the prospective client through the site. My website is so intuitive now that it will be a magnet for new business for me and will remind current clients why they have hired us. Kim Proctor is brilliant at her craft.

C. Dustman

Christie Dustman & Company

$14,000 annual savings

The really interesting thing about this [the cost of customer attrition] is that I’d never have felt the $14,000 [expense in replacing lost customers] because it comes in nicks and scrapes rather than a lump sum like the bill from an advertising campaign. Why are we more open to writing these big checks rather than protecting our bank accounts? Thanks so much for your help.

C. Page

The Maids

Increased customer retention rate

Kim is a visionary, a bright, talented and responsive business professional who delivers and exceeds all expectations. As a savvy and sensitive customer relations specialist, I hired Kim to review and critique the customer service aspects of my business. Kim is meticulous, detail oriented and perceptive. Thanks to her I have a high customer retention rate. Any business small or large can benefit from Kim’s exceptional services.

B. Erlichman

BE Training & Fitness

Hard-working professional driven by results

“Kim is a creative, strategic and hard-working professional driven by results. She is a team player and, by example, lifts an entire team to take on big projects. She is fearless and always strives for the highest quality as well as the highest goals attainable. Kim is not only a super addition to a team, she is always a catalyst, bringing out the best in a project and team.”

C. Raymond


Dramatically enhanced the results

We wanted to enhance networking opportunities for our conference attendees but had not the slightest idea of how to go about it. Kim took on the challenge and implemented a very innovative and creative solution. She was able to take our strategy from idea to implementation very quickly; she worked with a tremendous sense of urgency, communicated clearly to all involved, and was able to balance requests/demands from a variety of constituents and participants to everyone’s satisfaction. She did a super job of training people on the new technology, and her efforts dramatically enhanced the results of our conference. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to any company involved who wants to improve online results; Kim knows her stuff and is a delight to work with.

A. Canneti

Harvard Business School Alumni of Orange County, CA

Going beyond lip service on customer service / customer experience

We had paid lip service to the ideal of customer service and customer experience for years, by hiring clean, presentable and personable employees, supplying them with uniforms and holding them to high standards, etc. But until we began working with Kim, we did not have a formal strategy or protocol that allowed us to ‘train’ customer service, to quantify it, to truly deliver it. The beauty of the system she is helping us build is that it is ultimately more a personal reflection on the employees and their investment in and dedication to their work. How wonderful to receive customer evaluations that include the words ‘love’ and ‘Catchlight’!

N. Costolloe

Catchlight, Inc.

Depth of understanding

Very few people have the depth of understanding and perspective on managing customer relationships that Kim has. And she does her work with a level of enthusiasm and dedication to excellence that are truly rare. I recommend Kim and Customers That Click without reservation.

B. Hanna

New York, NY

Speaking Engagement Kudos

Helps keep our best clients

“Kim’s well-prepared, thoughtful and attentive approach to teaching customer retention methods gave me and our staff the training we need to keep and expand both our client base and outsider referral sources. Kim showed the value of systematic marketing as part of a business-building plan and explained her methodology by engaging us in a meaningful discussion on how to keep our best clients. As a law firm, word-of-mouth advertising is our best source of business. Kim showed us how to make each one of our clients into referral generators.”

M. Clerc

Clerc & Associates, PC.

Great ideas to help our business

You are unbelievable, Kim. I had meant to drop you an email yesterday letting you know how much we all appreciated your input, ideas and observations at our meeting. I think you really hit the nail on the head in several areas, from differentiation to delivering the service in the way that works best for the customer. And here you are AGAIN already with another great idea to improve our customer service. Thank you! You have a real passion for customer service and I think your business niche is excellent. We all talked about your observations and commented that they were terrific.

K. Soderberg

Soderberg Insurance

“Well suited to business owners”

Your talk about the Five Mistakes Fatal to Customer Loyalty was wonderful! The presentation was clear and accessible, and the content was well suited to business owners. I especially liked the mistake of treating all customers the same; I know of many business owners that make this mistake without understanding its consequences. Thank you. If I can be of assistance to you please do not hesitate a moment to ask!

D. Askanase

Entrepreneurial Programs Director, Salem Harbor CDC

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