Customers will have a good experience with your company when you make it easy for them to buy/use your services and products. That’s a no-brainer right? How can you do this? Here is one idea.

I have to go back to my favorite – LL Bean. I use their easy-to-use website for all my purchases. I have an account and any time I want to buy it takes only a few clicks and the package arrives 3 days later. They make shopping so easy.

And they make returns easy too. They know that when you buy via phone, catalog or the Web, you will have to return some merchandise because of fit issues and such. And boy do they make it easy. They enclose in every package, a pre-printed mailing label that also includes postage.

So you can tape up the package with goods inside, add their label to the front and leave it at a post office or mailbox. That is it. You don’t have to make a special trip to the post office, stand in line to buy the postage and return the item.

That is what I call making customers lives easier. They are making it easier to return and that part that many people dread about catalog and online buying – and they are taking some of that dread out of it.

Plus they are smart to make it a flat fee for the return postage – $5.85. Customers know what the charge is and many no doubt are happy to take advantage of it.

Just a simple idea but one that makes customers lives much easier – saving your customers time and effort is big these days.

One more example of this idea came up yesterday with my new insurance agent. She offered to take the insurance photos of my car (which is required when you change insurance companies). This way I wouldn’t have to go find time to find a local garage to take the photo. A very nice convenience and certainly a way to make it easier to change insurance companies.

Think about ways to make your customers lives easier – can you make your services or product easier to buy? Or return? Or renew? If you can come up with simple or small ways to help your customer more easily work with your business – do it.