Has this happened to you? You are on your mobile device looking something up, and end up on a website where the text is super tiny? You must zoom in and scroll back and forth to read it. Yep, that is a digital experience, not a good one, because the website is not optimized for mobile devices.

But what is a digital experience?

Digital experience is like CX in that it delivers a make or break experience at each interaction point. These moments translate into an overall positive, neutral or negative impression of a company. Plus, a lasting impact on the potential for a lasting relationship (and thus revenue).

It’s best to view the digital experience as a subset of the overall customer experience. Digital experiences occur online (via computer, phone, tablet) with websites, apps, or software. Like with CX, digital experience includes front-end (customer facing) elements and back-end (impacting employee and often customers too) elements.

I am calling out digital experience because it is a huge opportunity for you to think in bigger and better ways. The number of digital experiences you deliver, and support, will only grow over time. So now is the time to get into action.

As you focus on digital experience, consider parameters such as:
– The intent of the customer.
– The device in use, for example, a mobile phone vs. laptop.
– Broader context and task inside which this moment occurs.
– The customer mindset, for example, when visiting your website vs. when on social media.
– The channels and specific usage, for example, web chat vs. Instagram vs. email.

Keep in mind that DX is more than just a channel or a tactic. Think bigger, about the customer lifecycle, what does a customer want to achieve, and how they want to satisfy their needs. And it’s pivotal with DX and CX efforts to prepare for your customers to act in an ‘omnichannel’ way, seeking help via various channels. Be sure to map out all the connection points and make sure your experience is consistent across channels.

There is a lot to think about here. But now is the time to ramp up planning and start testing new ideas and solutions. If you are not having DX conversations, seek out experienced digital marketers with a customer-centric viewpoint, web engineers, usability professionals, and others. Please make sure you are keeping DX and CX connected to yield results.

If we can help, please be in touch (the first call is free). We love talking about shaping digital experiences that bring results.