I LOVE Startups!

I’ve worked at 4 startups full-time (and many others on a project or part-time basis) and loved every minute of it. I love the passion, the energy, the dedication to launching something amazing.

I’m often one of the first people hired because I’m a bit of a jack of all trades. I love wearing multiple hats. Here are a few things I can help with:

  • Help with early business decisions like business name, URL, logo and more
  • Define and build out your product or service (MVP or later stage)
  • Write requirements, develop wireframes, define the roadmap and other product tasks
  • Work directly with developers and other team members (experience in an agile environment)
  • Test your MVP (minimum viable product) with customers & refine your offering
  • Help build out an amazing team – finding, interviewing, securing freelance and/or full-time opportunities (in UX, designers, marketers, writers, and more)
  • Manage designers, user experience, content, marketing, operations and other team members
  • Capture and act on user feedback


Startup rocket

I have worked in very diverse industries and can quickly get up to speed with your business idea. To date I’ve worked full-time at a startup in commercial real estate crowdfunding, one on college internships and another in the spirituality space. Plus, I launched a brand new SaaS platform for customer journey mapping and qualitative customer listening and research. I’ve also worked with startup clients on a project or part-time basis. I know how to work hard, work quickly and get things done. I have a bias for action!

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