Have you visited a website and discovered broken links, spelling errors, or worse? What sort of impression does that make on you? You may think, “If the company doesn’t care enough to get those details right, what does that say about how they conduct their business?”

Of course, you want your website to engage site visitors and signal professionalism and an attention to fine details.

So, let’s get started with some basics. The first set of suggestions, below, are easy to handle right away. Tackle as many as you can to get the best results.

What is easy to fix right away?
(1) Copyright year is out of date

You may have a growing business, but an out-of-date copyright line at the bottom of your website sends the wrong message. It looks like you don’t care about the details on your website, that may end up making site visitors wonder what other details you are not managing well.

(2) Broken links

You don’t want to frustrate users when something doesn’t work as expected on your website. That might tell the visitor to go elsewhere. Use this free broken link checker to find out where they lurk on your website.

(3) Spelling errors

Typos and grammatical errors on your site send the message that you don’t check the quality of your work. It pays to have an editor review your content from time to time.

What can you fix later this month?
(4) 404 error message

A 404 “Not Found” error message is what users see when there is a page or link on your site that is broken or dead.

Don’t miss this opportunity to convey a message that fits with your brand. You can offer friendlier information and help your customer feel a bit less frustrated they didn’t find their desired page. (You can see some creative pages here.) Of course, fixing this dead pages is best of all.

(5) Unfriendly URLs

This is not an error but is something that will improve your SEO rankings.

A friendly URL looks like this:

An unfriendly URL looks like this:

A change to the URL structure of your website needs specific thought and planning before you make changes. Also, keep in mind you will want to set up redirect URLs so old URLs points to new page URLs.

(6) Duplicate content

If you have the same content on two different pages, remove one of those pages. This works against your SEO ranking, so clearing this up is useful.

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