As relocations go, it turned out to be a big move with lots of unpacking. I’m referring to my shift from Blogger to Word Press as my blog platform. The process entailed manually copying over 300 blog posts from the old to the new site.

blog tipsWhile blogs have been around for a while now, they are still effective at growing your search engine juice and getting the word out.

Spending all that “quality time” with my blogs reminded me of the importance of blogging best practices. I’ll share some tips here and invite you to post your favorite blog ‘best practice’ with the comment feature below. (Sorry, if tried to comment since I moved to Word Press, it’s fixed now.)

What can a blog do for your business?

–       Having a blog on your website contributes a lot to your search engine ranking. All the new posts and pages, the keywords it all adds up. Don’t underestimate the power of blogging on your website.

–       Having a blog still is a great way to prove your know-how and show it in a public way.

Here are some useful blogging tips:

–       Write a catchy headline that makes your blog readers and those who see your headlines via social media or an RSS stream want to click on it.

–       Post as often as you can – twice a week is ideal (I don’t always live up to my own advice, but you should try to). This gives you much more SEO juice.

–       Other SEO juice tips: Use keywords in your blog headline where possible and make sure each blog URL includes text (keywords, ideally) and not just numbers (some blogs default to just dates or other numbers for each blog entry rather than using words).

–       Try to use keywords in your blog text, too–but only where/how it makes sense. Don’t cram in keywords on blogging or the relevant industry, etc. Using a variety of keyword phrases is good. For example you might use a family of keywords such as: business blogging, blogging on business, blogs for business, business blogging tips, top business blogs.

–       Yes, you want to add tags your blog too – that can help blog readers if you use tag clouds.

–       And lest you think that’s all – you can also add meta description and meta keywords to each blog entry/page on the backend. This is for the html – again for SEO juice. FYI, Word Press has an SEO plug in that I’m using for this information – works great for my whole site and this blog.

Going back through all my blogs reminded me how much more consistent I can be on following all these tips. Happy blogging!