Share recently published a great story about the company, and their customer service. My favorite part of the article is a quote from Jeff Bezos, CEO, who was interviewed on the TV show Charlie Rose. He said about his customers: “They care about having the lowest prices, having vast selection, so they have choice, and getting the products to customers fast.” Also, he went on to say, “And the reason I’m so obsessed with these drivers of the customer experience is that I believe that the success we have had over the past 12 years has been driven exclusively by that customer experience [emphasis added]. We are not great advertisers. So we start with customers, figure out what they want, and figure out how to get it to them.”

The article goes on to say, “Amazon has really had only one stated goal since it began: to be the most customer-centric company in the world.” This is inspiring and makes a super hero of a company in my eyes. Hey, what customer wouldn’t like a business that strives for that? It feels something like what L.L.Bean and Southwest Airlines, two other companies I love, strive for.

Is your company as passionate about your customer experience? It’s the best way to grow–period.

Read the whole article if you have time, it is a well-written and compelling tale of the success that comes from an unwavering customer focus (even when Wall Street hates that kind of focus).

Kudos to You gotta love ‘em.