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Customers That Click was founded by Customer Experience and Retention Professional, Kim Proctor,
on the principle that customers do business with companies that consistently provide positive experiences.

Customer experiences occur at touchpoints—every interaction point between a customer and an organization. Touchpoints occur through customer service interactions, on websites, in social media, in your store or office, through advertising, bills, emails and beyond. There are often opportunities to optimize the experience and resulting revenue resulting from these interactions.

  • Do you know the most critical interactions that can break or make your business, in the eyes of your customers?
  • What are the top 3 things you should improve to make an impact on your bottom line?
  • Do you want to improve customer word of mouth, repurchase and loyalty?
  • Do you need help optimizing your customer efforts to get better results?
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Meet Kim

Kim Proctor
Owner / Lead Consultant

Kim has a passion for improving the experience you deliver customers – online and offline. And those improved experiences, bring solid business results.

We will help your business improve customer retention and engagement that will yield positive business results.

Customers That Click brings you proven customer-centric strategies you can use right away.

A few things Kim Proctor, Founder, can do for your business:

Improve customer engagement and see your business grow

Foster deeper and more loyal customer relationships

Improve digital experiences (online, mobile)

Fuel positive customer word of mouth

Improve customer engagement and support via social media

Leverage technology to save you time and money

Kim’s passion is focused on growing engagement by developing positive customer interactions and valuable communications. Her expertise and energy will enhance your business and benefit your bottom line.

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You want customers that click and stick with your organization.