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Be more visible where your customers spend their time – online, in social media, and on their mobile devices. Make sure your web and mobile strategy meets your customer expectations. Get your plan in place, before your competition does.

Web & Mobile Services for Success

DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 1 in 3 page views are from mobile devices. (Source)

Stay top of mind and engage new potential customers.

  • HOT! Mobile strategy and services – what do your customers expect from company will offer via mobile? A mobile-friendly website? Mobile app? Marketing offers? We can help you find the best approach and invest appropriately. Don’t wait! Customers expectations grow daily and competitors could get ahead of you.

    Whiteboard from web strategy session

    (Above: whiteboard from a strategy session)

  • Website strategy – you still need a strong website to convey messages that resonate with your audience and grow conversion.
  • Website usability & presentation – most people learn best through visuals, make sure your site visuals and usability meets today’s standards.
  • Content marketing strategies – use your content to spread your message further. Combine the right message, the right outlets and the right distribution to get found!
  • Social media strategy and services – the other key piece of business growth and success is social media. Learn more about those services here.
  • Just need someone to talk to about your approach? I’m a web and marketing coach, drop me a note. I’d love to chat about your business. The first call is free.


website report card


Website Report Card

Not sure your website is doing all it can to support your business? We can help. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, include appropriate calls to action and make it easy for customers to connect with you. In short, the visitor/ user experience must be great!

Our website report card:

  • Get a clear report card of where you website is doing well and the specific areas that need improvement.
  • Get specific recommendations of how to improve your website experience to drive better results.
  • We will analyze your website experience, review customer feedback about your website and also review the website traffic patterns thoroughly to make the best recommendations.
  • Each report card evaluates first impression, design, content, overall usability, social media, viral sharing, technical considerations and more.


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Use a mobile-friendly website                                     Get a hands on advisor who
or easy to use mobile app                                            can guide you to implement the
to create customer loyalty                                           right programs at the right time,
and win over customers.                                              and optimize performance. 

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