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Social Media Services

Grow Your Visibility & Make New Connections!

Grow your business by embracing your customers and having a more meaningful dialogue with them in social media. We can help you make a positive impact.

Social Media Strategy

Social MediaSocial media supports web traffic, leads generation and grows your visibility. Make new connections and strengthen relationships with existing customers. B2B and B2C services include:

  • Want to increase visibility? Grow contacts? Deepen customer relationships? Offer better customer service? Improve your brand perception online?
  • Let us help define or refine your social media strategy – the what, the where, and how often – the full picture. We know where to spend time to get the best results. Plus, get social media coaching too!
  • We offer hands on implementation – need some help tweeting? posting? sharing? finding new connections? We can help with Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, or whatever works best for your business.
  • Plus, get the right tools, education and training – we’ll recommend which tools to use, how to set them up and how to keep track of your efforts and results.
  • Track it! Yes, we will tell you the best metrics and reports to use.
  • Use social media to grow traffic, grow leads, and learn what’s most important to your customers. (View our other web services.)
  • Fueling word of mouth – customers can be the army that helps grow your business. Make it easy for them to share! We know the basic and the advanced approaches to true and natural viral sharing.

Customer Insights

There are many sources of customer feedback today – social media, feedback websites, surveys, customer services, sales and other employees. What feedback is most useful and what can you do with it? How do you know what feedback should drive change in your business? We can find out top customer priorities and help you know where to take action to address those needs. Don’t waste time on things that aren’t top priorities for your customers.

  • Data gathering and analysis. We’ll collect the online feedback and your internal feedback and analyze and provide you with key highlights.
  • Collect new feedback – we can connect with your customers, find out their top issues and concerns and help make a roadmap for greater success.
  • Analyze and prioritize the internal action needed to address the highest priority feedback. We’ll coach you on how communicate with customers about the efforts you are making based on their feedback – this builds loyalty!


Now’s The Perfect Time

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“what ifs” and talk you through
the best options for your company.

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