Retention, Referrals & Loyalty

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The best way to save money and grow your business is to retain the customers you have, grow referrals from those happy customers and build loyalty – we’re here to help.

Customer Retention & Referrals

Customer Loyalty It’s critical to implement strategies that earn customer retention, especially in today’s commoditized and competitive marketplace. Our services include:

  • Create customer experiences that wow them and bring them back

  • Refine your strategies to focus on earning and developing customer loyalty, so you get repeat business

  • Capture customer feedback and use it to create deeper relationships and improve your services

  • Develop plans to proactively garner word of mouth and grow viral marketing

Increase Purchases & Earn Loyalty

How can you make customers lives easier? How do you add value over time and stay in touch to keep the relationship alive? We can help you find the best balance of approaches. Our services include:

  • Develop customer communications strategy

  • Create a communications calendar – includes timing, messaging, platforms, frequency

  • Writing and editing marketing messages to build relationships and earn loyalty

  • Guerrilla marketing – innovative approaches that grow purchases and loyalty

  • Stay in touch – use our customer nurturing strategies to stay top of mind


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