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Communication, Listening & Retention

Use our Two Part Strategy for Customer Success

Part 2: Regular Communication & Listening

Grow Retention & Save Marketing Dollars

(see Part One)

The best way to save marketing dollars and grow your business is to retain the customers you have, grow referrals from those happy customers and build loyalty. Here are a few helpful approaches we use.Customer Loyalty

  • KEY TO SUCCESS: Develop a communication strategy. We will show you how to add value to your customer relationships during every stage of their life with you. Don’t only focus on the early days with customers – think longer term.

  • Create a communications calendar. We will help you know how often to be in touch with customers, which messages and what channels (email, phone, mail, SMS) to use. You want to stay top of mind.

  • Customer listening. What are customers already telling your sales people? Your customer service people? What are they saying in social media and in your surveys? Make sure you are using this key information to make better business decisions.

  • Tell customers you are listening. That’s a key part of all this. They want to know you care.

  • This is about building long term relationships. That is your focus. That is what keeps customers coming back. When a customer feels valued and finds value, they will stay.

Grow Word of Mouth

How can you make customers lives easier? How do nurture opportunities for word of mouth? It can be done, without paying off customers. Our services include:

      • Develop plans to proactively garner word of mouth and grow viral marketing.

      • Guerrilla marketing – innovative approaches that grow purchases and loyalty.

      • Find your best customers and see tools/ messages/ help they need to spread the word.

Save Marketing $$

Now is the time to streamline your
marketing efforts & marketing budget
for maximum impact. Using proven strategies
to deepen customer relationships will keep
money in your pocket.

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