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Case Studies

Featured Case Study #1: Social Networking Success

How can you support business growth and customer engagement with new social networking tools?

The annual Southern California Business Growth Conference, sponsored by the Harvard Business School association of Orange County (CA) and Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA), wanted to increase the value of conference registration to offset the slow economic times.


Customers That Click proposed using the Ning social networking platform to offer a private online community for conference registrants. This site provided an opportunity for conference attendees to make new contacts and start networking before the conference began—a benefit that appealed to all registrants.

Because the social networking site was private (by invitation to those registered for the conference) it was a high-value network – with many participants at the C-suite level, or venture capitalists and angel investors or similar individuals with access to capital.

The site was launched nearly 2 months before the conference date and was marketed through emails and other social media (Linkedin and Facebook) to drive sign-up and participation.

The entire Ning site was designed, developed, and maintained by Customers That Click. In fact, we performed the role of community manager, marketer, facilitator, and advocate for the new social networking platform with attendees, sponsors, and conference volunteers. Our efforts included phone conference tutorials to educate each level of participant how to use the Ning platform to their maximum benefit.


The conference organizers were thrilled with the appreciation and comments about the Ning site at the conference and its supporting role to conference registration.

62% of paid attendees participated in the Ning social network. This is an amazing result given the annual conference had not offered anything similar to participants in the past.


Featured Case Study #2: Newsletter Improves Revenue

Want to leverage email newsletters to grow internet traffic and advertising revenue at the same time?

A large publisher needed to improve internet traffic to their largest publication, wanted to grow advertising revenue and were under-utilizing their email newsletters.


Customers That Click suggested that the newsletters among various marketing projects were a priority because they contribute to internet traffic growth and reach the most engaged customers (those most willing to visit more often and tell their friends).

The project included revamping 16 email newsletters in nearly every way. Our recommendations were to improve presentation and content, delivery rates, subscriber list size, advertising revenue, and to grow web traffic gained through newsletters.

Customers That Click participated in the vendor search process and helped the publisher find the right email delivery service/tool. The tool needed to offer excellent content delivery and tracking features so they could measure against revenue and traffic goals.

During the vendor selection process we began to draft template/sample newsletters to illustrate the new content elements: how headlines and subject lines should be written, and where advertising would be included. Plus, we defined how to increase email open rates and click throughs.

Current newsletter subscribers were surveyed to gauge interest and feedback to the proposed changes. Their response was very positive because of the improvements to be made in content, presentation, and consistency of delivery.

To further support customer engagement, we mapped out a delivery schedule for all the newsletters and developed a sign-up campaign, including advertising messages and cross-promotions between various newsletters.


The publisher launched the sign-up campaign two weeks after the new system was in place. While we were happy the changes were well-received by existing subscribers, the appeal of the new sign-up ad campaigns and cross-promotions brought on many new subscribers as well. In fact, their email list grew 19% within 2 months of program launch.

In the end, the publisher was able to expand advertising revenue and increase site visits and site duration through the daily and weekly newsletters (which also impacted advertising revenue and traffic statistics).


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