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Kim Proctor customer experience consultantCustomers That Click was founded by Customer Relationship, Retention and Marketing Lifecycle Professional, Kim Proctor, on the principle that customers do business with companies that consistently provide positive experiences.

Customer experiences occur at touchpoints—connections between a customer and an organization. Touchpoints happen through customer service interactions, on websites, in social media, in-store, through advertising, emails and beyond. There are always opportunities to optimize revenue resulting from these channels and communications.
+ Do you need help optimizing your marketing efforts to get better results?
+ Do you need to reduce marketing spend and increase customer retention?
+ Do you want to grow your visibility in the marketplace?

Customers That Click will help your business improve marketing effectiveness and improve customer retention.

Customers That Click brings you 18+ years of customer-focused marketing, internet strategy, relationship management, and communication experience.

A few things Kim Proctor, Founder can do for your business:

        • Improve marketing effectiveness
        • Make your websites more effective by exploring the customer viewpoint (content, usability and marketing)
        • Improve company visibility through social media
        • Foster deeper and more loyal customer relationships
        • Fuel customer word of mouth / viral marketing
        • Leverage technology to save you time, money and help you deepen customer relationships

Kim’s passion is focused on growing sales by developing positive and meaningful customer communications and fueling word of mouth. Her expertise and energy will enhance your business and benefit your bottom line.

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